Joe ST

Hey there, I'm Joe ST. I spend most of my free time reading, listening to music, and surfing the web.

I'm an avid programmer, with experience in C (and embedded), PHP, HTML-CSS-js, MySQL, bash, Java/C# and Python. I am willing to learn new programming languages to fit any job, and have had experience with both legacy and newly specified codebases. I know how to use Visual Studio, NetBeans, and Eclipse and can quite easily program in vim and numerous other text editors along with a command line environment. You can find any code I've done here

I use Arch Linux as my primary opperating system and am familiar with most major Linux distros and Microsoft OS's. I have run numerous servers and compiled customized codebases for optimized uses, including the Linux kernel.

I love reading Fantasy and Science Fiction, it allows me to escape the mortal realm. I especially like Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, Otherland by Tad Williams, and books by Brandon Sanderson and Peter F. Hamilton. I have an extensive public listing on LibraryThing.

I have occasionally blogged my thoughts, or story ideas

I listen to many different genre's of music, including rock & metal, classical and some alternative branches. I have an extensive (but not exhaustive) public listing on I've also been known to pick up a double bass from time to time, and played in the WYO in my youth.

I read and follow far too many web-comics including PMJ's Sequential Art, the venerable XKCD and QC, and many many others.

I've played my fair share of video games in the past too, with fond memories of Crash Bandicoot (and Crash Team Racing), Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy (IX), SimCity. I've been known to play some few games on Steam.

You can email me, or follow me on Twitter. You can even do a vanity search on me if you want.

Other places you might find me are at Stack Exchange sites, YouTube, and other places on the internet.